USB3-3900DHE Sound problems on HDMI

I own a USB3-3900DHE. I know that I have had audio go over the HDMI connection before, but now it always shows as being unplugged in my Playback Devices menu. How can I fix this?

Windows 10 Home 32-bit
CPU: Intel Atom Z3740(D) BayTrail-T
GPU: Intel Valleyview SoC - Intel HD Graphics Gen7 4EU

This figures. I tried uninstalling the audio drivers and reinstalling them. Running the DisplayLink cleaner and then the latest (7.9M2) install package. Restarted my computer several times, ensured Windows Updates were all complete, as well as BIOS, and anything else I could find. All of this does NOTHING to fix my problem. However, as soon as I post the question and plug the device back in, it works perfectly.