usb3-3900dhe constant disconnect

I have 2x USB3-3900DHE plugged into a plugable USB 3.0 7 port hub. Its running from a Microsoft Surface 2 Pro (i5, 4gb mem) - Every now and then the USB will almost reset - refreshing all the displays. Its almost as if the USB port itself has a momentury laps and has to “reboot” which turns of all the displays (puts the main display back on the surface) then comes back to life and brings the displays back online.

The issue with this:

  1. Its annoying
  2. It moves all the open windows back onto the first display to turn on

It appears that this happens if the CPU spikes to 100% usage. So it seems to be load related?

Is there any work around to this? I’m not running anything intensive - it was actually a flash based website that causes this to happen constantly (every 15-20 seconds)

Please let me know

Hi Will,

Thanks for posting! This isn’t normal – we’ll work to help. Would you be able to characterize the frequency (how many times per day or week) you’ve seen it happen?

Then as a next step, could you download a copy of our plugdebug utility:

And when you hit that flashing/resetting of devices again, could you run the utility immediately after and send the .zip file it generates to

With that, we’ll have a little more detail about whether this is like a software or hardware level event triggering the reset.

Thanks for your patience!

Hi Bernie,

Thanks for getting back to me on this.

I actually had a MacBook Pro that I was going to setup with this setup - and that was running Windows. That did it ALL THE TIME - literally every few minutes - but that constantly kept hitting 100% cpu usage (still an i5) and it was the displaylinkmanager that was using all the cpu power

On this current setup - I had it happen yesterday morning, but since then its been ok. I’ve kept a close eye on my cpu usage and its never spiked up to 100% since that time.

From what I can see - its related to when the cpu gets maxed out.

Hi Will - Thanks for that extra background! Hopefully something will jump out from the debug logs, once the problem repros. Thanks!

Has there been any resolution to this. I also have this issue on a device I recently purchased and plan to return it if there is no resolution.

Hi Chris,

We believe this is power related. USB 3.0 hosts and hubs are supposed to be able to handle the device pulling 900mA, but there are machines and hubs that may not be able to handle what USB 3.0 calls for. Especially with unpowered hubs, it’s possible to reliably create failure scenarios.

Can you say more about your overall setup? What’s the USB3-3900DHE connected to?

If you’d like, you can send to so we can work the details of your setup via private email.

Thanks for letting us help here!


I have the same issue. I have the usb3-3900dhe connected directly to my laptop (xps13). This disconnection issue has occurred when connected to a LG monitor, and when connected to the same monitor and to ethernet. This situation also occurs when I change the usb3-3900dhe to another USB port, I have to reboot in order to get usb3-3900dhe to working again.

This issue just started to happen recently. Could problem be driver-related? I remember that last week I upgraded to the latest display link driver.

Hi Fernando - If it was working previously, and stopped working with a driver change, that’s likely it. I would uninstall and reinstall the displaylink driver. If that doesn’t work, contact us at and we’d be happy to help, thanks!