USB3-1000 adapter OS X 10.15 driver

Hello, this question was asked before, but the answer is not satisfactory. The driver that is listed on the support/downloads page for 10.15 (and that was linked in response to the previous question) will not install, and gives an error that OS X 11 is required to install. Is there an installer for OS X 10.15 that will work? Picture below.

Because I can only embed one picture per post, here’s a picture showing the installer version:

And here is the applicable download page stating that this version is the one for 10.15:

Hello Jeremy,

Thank you for your message and welcome to the Plugable forums! I will leave you a link to the latest installer/installation guide for our USB3-E1000 for macOS 10.15.3 (Catalina). The download link and instructions can be found within that link.

Generally we recommend our other adapters that use Realtek Chipsets and drivers that are already built into macOS:

These adapters are more suited for mac OS Catalina. I hope this information helps!


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