USB3.0 Controller Drivers updates for Plugable USB3.0 I/O card,

I just purchased a USB3’0 card from and updated the drivers from the link supplied on Plugable Technology web site.
There is a problem with the new drivers, the link shown for the drivers download points to a zip file wich only contains a setup.exe and a setup.iss files.…

Those files can be only used when windows is up and running, but cannot be used to add the drivers needed for a system recovery process.
The widows system repair disk allows to add the drivers, but requires the actual nusb3xhc.inf and nusb3hub.inf plus the related driver files to support the USB3.0 external devices where the system backup is stored.
Basically without those files the system could not be recovered from an external drive connected to the USB3.0 port.
I think that they need to provide a complete driver update package which should include the x86 and x64 folders with the actual drivers and not just the executable file for updating windows.
The six files needed for either x86 or x64 are, nusb3hub.inf, nusb3hub.sys,, nusb3xhc.inf, nusb3xhc.sys and should be included in the zip file so that they can be extracted and used for restoring the system from a backup drive connected on USB3.0.
I also tried to go directly to Renesas/NEC web site, but they don’t provide any link for drivers downloads for the USB3.0 controller PD720200…

Thanks, F.G.

Hi Francesco,

Thanks for asking! Yes, I know what you mean. Renesas does not make finding drivers directly very easy.

Here’s a package of the most recent driver version in .zip format.…

You’ll find the individual .infs and driver binaries in the Files/x86 and Files/x64 subdirectories.

These drivers work on both the Plugable PCIE-USB3-SP USB 3.0 card for desktops… and our ExpressCard for laptops… They should also work on any other Renesas based host controller.

Let us know if you have any problems at all - we’ll be happy to help.

Thank you!

Hi Bernie,
That file is exactly what I was looking for. It worked fine for adding the drivers when I use a windows 7 system repair disk. I just added the drivers for nusb3xch and nusb3hub pointing to the .inf files, I have to open one at the time and the repair systems will add the drivers for the controller and the hub, after that I can access the system image file that I created on the WD Passport external drive connected to a USB3.0 port.
Thanks for your help,

Wonderful - glad to have you up and running!