USB3.0 4 port hub and Logitech wireless mouse problem

My USB hub does not work with my Logitech M305 wireless mouse. When I plug the receiver into the hub the mouse is seen by windows but when I move the mouse it does not respond and then it does respond and cursor jumps clear across the screen. If I plug it into the computer USB 2 port it works fine or my older USB 2 hub it does as well. Any suggestions? The hub is seen as a generic USB hub in WIndows 7.

Hi George,

USB 3.0 can sometimes interfere with 2.4 GHz wireless devices if they are placed in close proximity. Here’s a link to a study done by Intel with some details about the issue and ways to minimize it.…

If you connect the receiver to a short extension cable to move it away from the hub your mouse should be have as usual.

Let me know if that helps.



Thank you for the prompt response and the great source to review. I will try placing a short usb extension on the mouse receiver and see if that helps. Interestingly if i plug the same receiver into the 2nd USB 3 port on the back of my computer I have issues there as well. Is the HUB itself a source of interference or USB 3 devices plugged into it. I have no USB 3 devices plugged into it. I was just trying out the hub with my wired USB keyboard and wireless mouse.

Hi George,

The interference can radiate from either connector or the cable itself. It’s very low range, so just moving the wireless receiver away usually resolves the issues. Let us know if you can resolve your mouse issue this way. As USB 3.0 is new we’re still learning about the best ways to resolve issues like this one.

Thanks for the update, let me know how it goes.