Usb2-Switch2 blinking LED

I have the USB2-SWITCH2 and I have it connected to a laptop(on docking station) on the B side, my desktop on the A side. I notice when the A/B switch is on B (laptop) and all items are powered down, the blue LED blinks, about once every 10 seconds. It is lit so there is power coming from the docking station even though it has been shutdown. What is the blinking

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The LED only indicates which port is selected and if power is available. A blinking LED is not a normal behavior of the switch and may be a sign of a power issue. Please contact our support team at in case you would like to troubleshoot this issue further.

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I just had a (possibly) similar LED blinking issue with the USB3-Switch2.

I use the switch for 2 laptops (#1 and #2). #1 is always a solid LED when selected, as expected. However, #2 would not remain selected (the #2 LED just kept blinking). The answer from Jordan mentioned *power*. I didn’t at first realize power was relevant to the switch, as I thought it was passive. I figured that any USB port on #1 or #2 computer would work. Turns out #2 will only remain selected for my HP Elitebook 840 (Ubuntu) when I plug it into a *powered* USB port (specifically, the laptop has one USB port with a lightening bolt icon next to it). Usually that means that USB port has power when the laptop is in sleep/hibernate or off. However, in this case, the USB3-Switch2 seems to require the use of that particular USB port on this specific laptop. All works perfect now. Nice product, and I also use a Plugable USB 3.0 hub with the switch.