USB2-OTGE100 not working with Android 7 on Samsung Galaxy Tab s2

It looks like my ethernet adapters are no longer working on my samsung galaxy tab s2. I had enjoyed a strong ethernet connection and for no apparent reason all my adapters are no longer working.
I am not sure if a recent app install changed the settings on the device. Here is what I have done so far:

  • I did a factory reset and tried reconnecting with no success.
  • I got into dev mode on the tablet, changed the usb setting from MTP to Ethernet no success

Is there an app that would make the adapter work again?
Do I need to root my device?

Would really love to get back to ethernet connectivity.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2
Android 7.0

Thank you


It looks like this is a continuation of a previous thread. I’m sorry there are still issues with using the USB Ethernet adapters on your tablet, and I would like to help.

Support for USB Ethernet adapters is built into Android, but individual device manufacturers can choose to disable this feature. There isn’t any way for an end-user to enable or disable this, so this shouldn’t be affected by apps or device settings.

For the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2, we’ve received reports from customers that the Ethernet adapter works when the tablet is running Android version 6.0.1, but we don’t have any information on later versions. It is possible that Ethernet support was disabled in the 7.0 release.

Another possibility is that there is something wrong with the adapter, and I’d be more than happy to try sending you a pre-tested replacement. Please contact us at with “ticket 195837” in the subject line so we can confirm your shipping information.

So if there was anyone to contact to get the feature enabled it would be samsung?
I have access to developer mode on the tabled and changed the usb mode to ethernet as a test but that did not change anything.

I received the tested unit and it looks like the tablet is responding in the same way.
A follow up question:
Should one or both lights on the adapter be turning on when pluged into ethernet only?

Thank you

Thank you for the update.

Since we know the replacement adapter is working, we can conclude that the Galaxy Tab S2 drops support for USB Ethernet adapters when upgraded to Android version 7.0. The only possible solution is for Samsung to re-enable support in a future update.

Regarding your question on LED behavior, I would only expect the LEDs on the adapter to light up at all if it is connected to a host system via USB and connected to a live Ethernet cable. If the adapter is only connected to an Ethernet cable, neither of the LEDs should be lighting up.

Thank you that is very clear. So what is it that needs to be re-enabled within an android update?