USB2-OTGE100 issue. Stops working, need assistance.

I have the model USB2-OTGE100 adapter and it appears to have stopped working. I am running a Ematic EGQ337 Andoid 4.4.2. When I first received the adapter, it was working fine. I could connect and use the ethernet adapter just fine. Now, it will only blink the link and act light a few times and go dead. Sometimes an IP address pops up but disappears. The advance settings are set to DHCP. the tablet sees the adapter but shows as disconnected. My laptop works fine on the same cable so the router port and wire are good.
I haven’t added patches either so the OS should be at the same rev as it was when it worked.
Any ideas? Thanks.

I used a different port and known good cable. I rebooted the tablet and watched the activity in the settings screens for ethernet. The green and amber lights blink normal, it connects and shows the IP for about a second or two. It then went to all zeros. It connected again and briefly show the IP and then went dead. No lights. Nothing. unplug and replug, again nothing. The tablet only sees that the adapter is connected and MAC address but it doesn’t show it as connected with an IP. Also, I noticed that the adapter itself was a bit warm but I don’t know if that’s normal or not.

Thank you for contacting us about your USB2-OTGE100. I’m sorry you are having difficulties with it.

I would like to send you a replacement adapter. Could you contact us at with your Amazon order number, the serial number from the adapter from the package if you still have it, and your preferred shipping address?


Plugable Support


Thanks David.