USB2-HUB10S and Linux Mint 11 - Mouse and Keyboard not working while plugged into the Hub

USB2-HUB10S not working with Linux Mint 11. The hub works perfectly with windows 7 so I know the hub is ok. When i have my mouse and keyboard plugged into the hub and run Linux mint 11, linux neither the mouse or keyboard work. Any suggestions. This is a repeat question but first one did not have the model number.

Hi Ken,

Thanks for asking! There are no special drivers required for hubs, so all software functionality is the responsibility of the operating system.

It’s hard to know what might be different about the Linux Mint 11 system. After doing all the standard double-checks to make sure cables are connected on the Linux system, etc – from there you’d want to start looking deeper info Linux configuration.

On Windows, devices are plug and play with little ability for users to configure how things behave. So there’s not much that can go wrong. For better or worse on Linux, everything can be configured at several layers.

Here’s some places you could look for debugging the hub and devices on Linux.

  1. The “lsusb” utility will tell you what devices are visible to the OS. Pass the “-v” parameter for more detail, or the “-t” parameter to see the devices in a tree view. If the hub and/or keyboard/mouse don’t show here, look for connectivity problems. You can also run something like “sudo tail -f /var/log/kern.log” and then start plugging/unplugging devices and watch what kernel activity (and any errors) are happening.

  2. Once the device and driver are loaded, Linux’s udev subsystem does post-processing on the devices. You can run “sudo udevadmin monitor” and unplug/replug applications to see udev process each one

  3. X must be configured to use the devices. The default X behavior on most systems in recent years has been to assume there’s a single X instance running, and all keyboards and mice that arrive should be opened by that X instance. But that’s a configurable behavior. You may be able to see what X is actually doing on a particular system via the logs in /var/log/Xorg.0.log etc.

Sorry we can’t know what’s happening that’s different on the Linux system - but I hope this background helps you track it down.

Thanks again!

I have the problem that my mouse does not work on Linux Mint 11. I have ALWAYS used Windows and most recently ‘W7’, but I got tired of all the crapware, the slow-downs, the viruses and etc., so I decided to try LM11 as I saw that Linux is the way to go after watching a movie about Linux and Linus and so then I had to decide what OS to work with. I saw write-ups about LM12 being unstable and settled on LM11.

I decided to backup everything before the move over and did not realize at the time that a lot of software programs would not work even using WINE, and no I don’t have W7 running side by side with LM11. I did a clean install from the USB.

I can no longer scan from my printer either, BUT LM11 DOES let my computer run like a top! It’s way fast and I rarely hear the fan running any more to cool it down, furthermore the install was WAAAAY better than W7 and them loading McAffee and AOL, (which I don’t care for either), but no .pdf, no flash, no compression, no special files opener, etc. In other words, can’t watch videos on Youtube, etc.

Hey, I can live without the scanning if it makes my computer run better, BUT…

Unfortunately, LM11 is giving me grief over the mouse not working most times at boot. I have to continually restart the computer to get it to finally take.

This is becoming a major hassle and I don’t know how to fix it!

I’ve only been on LM11 for 1 month and there is a large learning curve and sometimes I feel like I am trying to relearn DOS.

I only understand a small part of what most user/developers are talking about and in no way has it helped me alleviate this problem.

I really like LM11 as my comp runs so much better - fast start - no continuous burning up the processor when staying on FF for too long like in watching movies and even when using IE in W7 it would do that too. Best of all, Linux IS FREE!!!

Some guys that actually care about others put a LOT of hard work into developing Linux and I really do thank them for that as I know that coding can be a big pain in the @$$ and I am no coder, so…

If anyone could help me with this ongoing problem would be great.

My System Specs:

Desktop: Acer Aspire X3300

Mouse: Logitech T-BC24

OS: Linux Mint 11 (original install with all the codecs via USB)

replied on other thread.…