USB2-HUB10S additional power.


Can a 5A 5V Power supply be connected to the USB2-HUB10S to allow 500ma draw from each port?


Hi Tony,

Thanks for the question. We can’t recommend it using a 5-amp adapter with the USB2-HUB-10S (…).

We understand the potential value. A 5-amp power supply would allow 10 devices attached to the hub each to draw the USB 2.0-specified maximum of 500 milliamps per port. But the hub is designed for the attachment of devices with a mix of power requirements that add up to the 2.5 amps in the supplied AC adapter.

There’s nothing to stop you from plugging in a 5-amp power supply if you could find one with the appropriate barrel connector. Unfortunately, overloading the hub’s circuitry might blow it out and could harm the attached devices, too.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.


Plugable Technologies


I figured as much. Thank you.


Hi Tony,

I should have added yesterday that the USB2-HUB-AG7 seven-port hub (…) has a 3-amp power supply, so six devices can pull 500 miliamps rather than five with the 10-port hub.