USB2-E1000 on Wii U

Does the USB2-E1000 work on the Wii U? If so, do you just plug it in and go from there?

Hi Jim-

Thanks for asking!

We have a customer report that the megabit USB2-E100 works with the Wii U, however we’ve no data yet on the gigabit USB2-E1000 adapter. If you’d just like to purchase a USB ethernet adapter that works for the Wii U you’ll want to go with the USB2-E100:

Since you’re the first to ask we’d actually be willing to send an open-box USB2-E1000 free of charge if you’ll just let us know if it works. If you’d like to take us up on that offer please send an email, attention Jeff, to and include a link to this thread with your shipping address.

Best wishes-

Jeff Everett