USB2-E1000 on Nvidia Shield Tablet


Hi All, Has anyont figured out how to make the USB2-E1000 work for Nvidia Shield Tablet? Android Version5.1 and yes, I know it needs to go though a USB to Micro USB converter. :slight_smile:


Hi Eddie,

Thank you for posting your question about the USB2-E1000 and the Nvidia Shield.

Assuming your OTG cable (USB to Micro USB converter) is good, the adapter should work out of the box. The necessary drivers are already in the Shield.

If you are having troubles connecting, could you please tell me what kind of network you are connecting to? Is it a home, office, or institutional network (like a school or university).

Also, are you connecting directly to a modem or router, or through a port in a wall or cubicle.

Thank you,

Plugable Support