USB2-E1000 into USB hub into Nvidia Shield Tablet


Does the USB2-E1000 work with the Nvidia Shield Tablet when plugged into a USB hub, rather than being plugged directly into the tablet? In other words:

USB2-E1000 plugged into a USB hub, which is plugged into an OTG USB to micro USB adapter, which is plugged into the tablet


Hi Chris,

Thank you for asking your question. We don’t have a Nvidia Shield tablet for testing, however customers have told us the USB2-E1000 works with it.

The question about attaching through the hub is actually determined by whether the Nvidia Shield supports the hub, and also whether enough power is available, since if the answer to both these questions is yes, then the adapter will work, since it is fully compatible with hubs.

Most tablets that have OTG function support hubs, so I think the Shield will also. If you have the hub, and a simple device like a keyboard or mouse works when plugged into the hub, then the USB2-E1000 will work too.

Power is another issue. USB 2.0 ports only supply a limited amount of power. It is enough for our adapter alone, but if an unpowered hub is attached and several power-hungry devices are attached to it, it will exceed the USB port’s power limit, and devices will become unstable or be randomly disconnected. Since I assume you want a hub to connect multiple devices, this is important to keep in mind.

The solution is a powered hub, like our USB2-HUB7BC or USB2-HUB4BC. Since this has an independent power source, it doesn’t draw power from the USB port, eliminating power issues in the attached devices and conserving your tablet’s battery charge.

I hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Plugable Support