USB2-E1000 adapter does not connect to anything on Lenovo U300s running Win7 64-bit

I just got the USB2-E1000 adapter for Lenovo U300s running Win7 64-bit home premium. Installed the drivers, and can see it in the device manager. The link light is green, and the activity light is flickering sometimes. But, I cannot connect to anything, even my router. The Status of the network adapter shows “no internet connection” for both v4 and v6. Ipconfig shows what appears to be the default DNS/Subnet. So – no connection at all. I tried uninstalling/reinstalling drivers, rebooting, and setting DHCP manually. No luck. Any ideas?
Please help.

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We are currently working with Yan to determine the nature of the problem.

Having the same problem, except the network manager states "No connections available. I did plug mine in before installing the drivers using automatic update. Perhaps its ASIX’s driver package?

Hi Tyler,

Please send in your Amazon order Id to along with a link to this thread and the make and model of your computer as well as the operating system and version and we’ll get you fixed up.