USB2 devices not recognized on USB3 hub (found interim work around)

Driver:6.3.9600.17396 10/7/24
Hardware: USB\VID_2109&PIS_0812&REV_9091

I have a Plugable USB3 hub where I find windows will not be able to recognize some of my devices. These seem to be older devices that were originally designed for USB2. The newer USB3 devices connected to the hub will continue to work fine. I only have one USB3 port on my laptop. I found that if I disconnect the hub, and connect the USB2 device directly to the USB3 port on the computer, windows will recognize the device again. Once they are recognized, I can than reconnect everything to the hub outputs and they will work again. Of course it took me most of the morning to figure this out. I would like to have better insight as to what is happening here. I some times wonder if I would be better off having a USB2 hub for those older devices and use the USB3 hub specifically for USB3 devices.


Hello Danielle,

What version of Windows do you have on your computer? Also which model of our USB 3.0 hub do you have? (We’ve got quite a few now.)

Best wishes,

Hi, Josh

I am running Windows 8.1 (64 bit) here. The laptop has a 1st generation Intel I5 processor.

I have the USB 3.0 7 port hub that came with the 5V 4A power supply.


Thank your for your prompt response.


Hi Danielle,

Thanks for the information!

Since you’re running Windows 8.1 it should be keeping your USB 3.0 drivers up to date so that shouldn’t be a problem.

I’ll contact you directly via email to collect some information. I think we’ll want to try sending you a pretested replacement hub under warranty.

Best wishes,