USB2-10M Traffic??

Can I connect a hub to the USB2-10M. I am looking to get things off of my desk (USB backup HD, Scanner) and have a credenza that sits behind me approximately 5 feet. I need the extra length to run the cable under my desk, under my rug, and then up the credenza. Just worried that using the backup HD regularly and the scanner (often at the same time - for instance if I were to scan to the backup HD). Thoughts?

Thanks for asking ahead!

Yes, definitely - our 10 meter cable will work well with a powered USB hub at the far end (like our 4-port… or 7-port… hubs).

From a connectivity standpoint, USB 2.0 supports up to 5 deep on hubs and devices.

The powered hub has another benefit: you’ll have USB’s full power supplied to every port (vs. without the hub, the cable consumes about 10% of USB 2.0’s supplied power for its own use, leaving 90% for the device – that can limit compatibility with devices that need all the power, like wireless modems, etc.)

But with the powered hub (one that has its own AC adapter), every port will get full power, solving that issue.

Hope that helps. Let us know how things go - we’ll be happy to help with any questions or problems.

Thanks again!