USB2-100 Works with Windows 7 but not with Samsung Chromebook

I have just received a USB2-E100 from It works with Windows 7 allowing me to connect to a Wi-Fi repeater automatically. I just plug it in and it works! The WiFi Repeater is used to pick up a neighbour’s free WiFi hotspot.

However, I cannot get the USB2-100 to work with a Chromebook - it will not connect and DHCP fails to obtain any IP address. If I try to enter the IP settings manually, the Samsung Chromebook just changes any mask to, so I cannot connect manually either.

The only way I can get it to work with the Chromebook is to plug the the USB2-E100 into my Windows PC, wait until DHCP obtains an IP address and then unplug it from the Windows machine and then plug into the Chromebook. It then works instantly!

Any suggestions on what I may be doing wrong or whether they may a problem with the Chromebook or USB2-E100?