USB2.0 dock fails to connect to monitor


Hi Plugable Support,

I have a USB2.0 docking station which I’m using to connect a third monitor. Things were working fine just a few weeks ago, but now I’m having trouble connecting to the monitor.

The monitor works properly when I connect it directly to my computer (via VGA), but nothing seems to happen when I try to connect it through the plugable (via DVI). Power cycling the plugable causes the monitor to briefly wake up and proclaim “no signal” before going back to sleep. My laptop is a Thinkpad E420, and I’m running Windows 7.

How should I proceed to get my system working again?




Hi Kevin,

Thanks for posting. I’d start by plugging in the monitor to the dock, and making sure it’s been configured (If on Windows 7 or 8, hit Windows-P hotkey and choose “Extend”).

If the problem isn’t apparent, just run our debug utility and email the .zip it generates to Here’s how:

Thanks for your patience while we work to help!