USB/VGA Adaptor and USB Hub, will this work?

Can I plug the USB/VGA Adaptor into a powered USB Hub instead of directly into the Laptop USB?

Yes, absolutely you can plug into any powered USB hub (rather than directly to the laptop or desktop).

You can also plug into unpowered (aka bus powered) hubs, but because the USB graphics adapter can consume close to the max 500mA at high resolutions, only lower powered devices (like keyboards, mice, etc) can be paired with it reliably. Making it a powered (aka self-powered) hub, as you’re doing, solves that problem.

There’s no significant loss in performance in connecting through a hub, and you of course gain all the flexibility of extra ports and distance from your laptop.

Thanks for the question!

Can’t wait for my adaptor to arrive. My laptop VGA port out has suddenly stopped working correctly. Connecting this to my USB Hub will solve a wires logistics problem.