USB-VGA-165 drivers - where do I find them for Vista?

Just got the USB-VGA-165. Excited to use it, but the installation is hanging at the beginning. I have tried to go via Plug & Play and, failing that, tried the doisc sent with the unit. Same problem. The directions tell me to go either way and to check for new drivers.

OK, I want to check for new drivers. 1)WHERE ARE THEY? and 2) will that help?


Hi Andrew,

Thanks for posting. We’ll be able to help.

DisplayLink’s single software package supports XP, Vista, and Win7, so you’ve already tried the right package - there is no special Vista package.

So it’s the install problem that we need to focus in on, to figure out what’s happenging and why.

Can you say what make and model of system you have (so we can look up the CPU and GPU specs)? And can you say a bit more about what you see when installing - what appears to succeed, and what’s it doing when it appears to have trouble?

Thanks for that extra info! From that, we’ll be able to figure out next steps.