Usb type C cable compliance concerns.

Hello, I recently purchased your USB type C hub for my monster $4000 laptop and am a bit worried about reviews on Amazon claiming it fried their computer through the USB type C Ports. Knowing a little about usb type C it appears this is linked to the cables being faulty. Are your cables USB IF compliant?

Hi Armando - Thanks for asking. We have a single USB-IF certified USB-C to USB-C cable:

You can see it listed on the USB-IF list at:…

We don’t have any certified USB-C hubs.

Is the Plugable USBC-HUB3P model the one you have?

It is not certified, however it’s specification compliant and testing and customer feedback has been good. That said, USB-C Power Delivery behavior is very model specific. Being paranoid, a bad host computer could negotiate up to higher voltages errantly. Loose connectors on the host run the risk of allowing a cable wiggle to short 5V and higher voltage pins. We wouldn’t expect these problems and haven’t seen them with the USBC-HUB3P.


Hello, I’m actually using your Plugable USB-C Docking Station UD-CA1.

I just purchased and plugged it in and it is running flawlessly off of my MSI GT73VR laptop. The only snag is if I attempt to use the front USB 3.0 ports. For whatever reason they lose power constantly if I do so.
I’ll try to keep the cables snug after each use to prevent any surges. For docking a laptop and preventing this is it safer for example to have the laptop on sleep mode before plugging and unplugging the USB C cable?

Hi Armando - Thanks for that extra detail. On the front ports, if you could send us the .zip file from our debug utility:

We may be able to find the problem and suggest a fix (often a host system firmware update).

In terms of preventing power issues, if the cable is snug that’s great. Nothing needed in terms of sleep modes or anything.

Thanks again for asking ahead,