USB to USB Adapter

Is there an adapter to connect USB to USB instead of USB to VGA/DVI/HDMI. I have a USB only monitor.

Hi Chad,

If it is a USB only monitor (with a DisplayLink chip already inside), you’d just need a USB hub like our 7 port model…

But if you post the make and model of monitor, we’ll check the connectivity options, and give you a more definitive answer. And also - what operating system are you on?

Thanks for asking!

Bernie, thank you for the prompt response. I am using a AOC E1649FWU 16" USB-Powered Portable LED Monitor with a windows 7 operating system. My Asus only supports two displays. I am currently using your UGA-2K-A for a total of three monitors (Asus + 2 AOC 26" HD.) They work great but my AOC portable is gathering dust unless I’m traveling. If I can increase my real estate at home it would be profitable. Chad

Hi Chad - Great, yes. A hub like our 7 port… is all you need. The AOC monitor may require two USB plugs (one data, one power only), so it can get the full amp of power it needs. Our 7 port hub is a good one for that, since it comes with a premium 3A power supply. Just let us know if you have any trouble. Hope that helps - thanks for asking ahead!.

Bernie, you the man. Many thanks. Chad