USB to Serial Adapter and Mac OSX 10.8.2 problems !

This has been very frustrating. Every time I make a connection to a Router it crashes my computer and does a reboot. I made sure that I updated my driver with ver. 1.4.0, which should be the correct driver. Is there a problem with the adapter and the OS? I would really like for this to work properly, the thought of carrying around a PC just to terminal in to a router is revolting. Please Help.

Hi Jay,

Thanks for posting! We’ll work to help. Can you say is this a Plugable brand serial adapter? It sounds like it’s Prolific chipset based …

In general, things have been very stable on Mac, but this week we’ve gotten a handful of crashing reports (others are crash on removal). I’m wondering if a Mac OS X 10.8.2 update might have regressed something (because the Prolific driver hasn’t changed). We’ll be seeing if we can recreate any of these issues on our Macs.

But before all that – can you say what application you’re using for a terminal program? And is it a particular router or anything you connect to?

And if you’re on the technical side – can you pull out any of the crash information from the logs?

With that background, one of us who has access to a Mac will see if we can recreate what you’re seeing.

Thanks again!