usb to rj45..will it make my external drive a nas?

can i use the usb-rj45 gbadapter to turn my external usb drive to a nas over my network?

Hi Leona,

Thanks for asking - No, sorry, the product definitely cannot turn a USB drive into a NAS.

Physically, the connectors are wrong for that scenario (the USB end of these adapters are male “A” that mean they are USB devices that plug into a host, not the other way around).

From a software point of view, these kind of adapters only do one thing: add an additional network interface to your computer. And a driver on the host is required to do that. Drivers exist for Win, Mac, and Linux.

To turn a USB drive into a NAS, what you’re really looking for is a full-fledged computer or appliance that is a USB host has a whole bunch of software built in to provide the NAS functionality. Something like this:…

Hope that helps! Thanks!