usb to gigabit adapter installs but disables xp network connection service

usb 2.0 to gigabitlan does not work with xp - it installs and device magr says working ok and link light green but networks connection does not show it as a network adapter and makes the installed network lan adapter disappear (ie not listed) although it will work. I need to usb adapter to show up to change IP and DNS settings so it will work - I get error messages that maybe the network connection service did not start?

Hi David,

Thanks for posting! We’ll get this figured out.

A couple quick questions:

* Did you install from the included CD or download a specific version? If off the CD, can you try the latest driver, downloaded from
* Would you be able to send the text (or a screenshot) of the error messages you’re seeing?

With a successful install of the Plugable USB2-E1000 on XP, device manager and the “Network Connections” folder should look roughly like these screenshots: (our device is the AX88178 based device)


Can you say how yours is different?

Thanks for your patience while we figure out what’s happening!