USB to Ethernet works fine for a while, but dies halfway throuh mutli-gigabit transfers

I use the plugable gigabit usb 2.0 adapter in Windows 7, 64-bit. It runs fine for a while, but if I try to transfer large amounts of data (i.e. over a gig…) the adapter will hang and not return to usefulness until I unplug and replug it back in.

Hi Nano,

Thanks for posting your question here, I’ll be happy to help. Sorry to hear about the troubles you are having with your USB to Ethernet adapter. Here’s a couple of questions to get started troubleshooting.

  1. Are you connecting through a hub or direct to your computer? If through a hub, try direct. If you are connecting directly, try another port.

  2. When it hangs what is the state of the lights that are on the adapter? Are they on? Are the solid or blinking?

  3. What are you connecting to on the other end? What is the state of the link lights there? Can you ping the adapter from the other end?

  4. Are you actively using the computer when this occurs? If so does anything else happen? If not, does the machine sleep?

Also, please forward your Amazon Order Id to along with a link to this post.

Once we get a few more details, we’ll figure out our best next steps.



For more info, this is a Macbook Pro Retina (USB3.0) running WIndows 7 64-bit via bootcamp.

1.) The connection is direct, no hub.
2.) Link is solid, Act is blinking Rapidly
3.) The laptop is not pingable. I cannot see the light activity on the other end, this is at work and I’m unable to get into the closet.
4.) Basically the machine sits idle, happily doing email etc, and then when I initiate a file xfer after a gig or so it stops with a network error. Re-seating the USB device fixes it. It does work properly otherwise, sleeping works etc. It just acts as though it doesn’t want to be a heavy lifter.

Where do I find my Amazon order ID and why do I need it?


Hi Nano,

Thanks for the additional details –

Would it be possible for you to try your USB to Ethernet adapter on another machine? This step will help us isolate your issue to either hardware or software. Also, have you tried the same type of transfer on the same network cable with a different Ethernet device? It would be a good data point to verify that everything is solid upstream.

As far as the Amazon Order Id goes – you can find it on the “Your Account” under “Your Orders”. We need to match up the Order Id in order to process the warranty.

Let me know these extra details.