USB switch with UD-160-A?

Sorry if this is obvious, but…I have two laptops in my office different purposes. Right now I have the UD-160-A hooked up to all my peripherals (printer, mouse, keyboard, external drive) and I’m plugging and unplugging the UD-160 into each laptop as needed, but needless to say that’s kind of a hassle.

Can I use one of your USB switches and just hook both of the the laptops to that? Then I’d just need to hit the switch, and without changing anything else, be using another laptop with the same peripherals.

Hi Greg,

Thanks for posting! Yes, definitely.

The Plugable switch… is designed for exactly this kind of scenario, in combination with products like our Plugable docks

Then you’ll just have to hit the button, and all your peripherals will move between one machine and the other, just as you thought.

Let us know if you have any questions at all.

Thanks for asking!