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file ser2pl.sys is missing on usb-serial cable diskette is needed
it keeps saying this what does it mean

Hi Phil-

Thanks for posting with your issue!

I’ll need a few more details to be able to assist. It sounds like you’re trying to install the drivers for our USB Serial Cable? Can you please verify that you’re having an issue with driver installation on the product linked below:

Can you please let me know what OS you’re trying to install on? I assume this is some version of Windows due to the .sys file, but will need to know whether that is XP/Vista/7 and whether you have a 32 or 64 bit version installed.

Again, thanks for posting, I’ll be happy to help, just need a little more information.

Best wishes-

Jeff Everett

Thats the device I’m trying to install that you posted the link for.usb-serial port
I’m running windows xp pro. On virtual pc on windows 7 pro. 64-bit laptop.
I downloaded the new driver for it and it worked, the message did not appear it succesfuly new driver installed.I’m running software for mercedes diognostics called carsoft 7.4 it will only run on windows xp 32-bit with serial port it still cannot communicate with the cars computer it says check cable connection.
The carsoft 7.4 runs ok on my old pc with windows xp with built in serial port its more conveniant with laptop.

Hi Phil-

Thanks for filling in those details, this makes a TON more sense now.

The first thing that I suspect knowing a little more is that the serial device isn’t being passed to the XP mode virtual machine properly.

Are you familiar with installing an application in compatibility mode in Windows?

We might have an easier time getting this to work if we were running the application directly on Windows 7 rather than in the XP mode virtual machine. It’s a very simple process, and having tried it on literally hundreds of applications that don’t support windows 7 I’ve found less than 5 that I wound up having to go to XP mode for.…

Apologies if you’ve already tried going that route, but it would simplify things quite a lot if we didn’t have the additional layer of the XP mode VM to troubleshoot.

Please let me know if you’re able to install the application in compatibility mode for Windows XP 32 bit, and with any luck we’ll have a bit less configuration to do.


Jeff Everett

Hi Again Phil-

I just wanted to offer this additional resource on getting a USB Serial device to be recognized in yotour XP mode virtual machine. I would use this only if the previous option to install in compatibility mode directly on Windows 7 fails.

Please note the post at the end of the thread by “OttemBomb”…

Thanks again!


Ye I tried the program in compatibility mode it could’n run 64-bit I installed the USB Serial device driver in Windows 7 and switched the COM port no. in virtual PC windows XP hardware manager from 3 to 1 and it worked. I’m not sure witch one did it but it’s working now thanks for the help.


Hi Phil-

Sounds like the com port configuration on the VM was the right trick. Thanks for letting us know that it worked!

Best wishes-