USB printer interface issue.

I bought the USB 2.0 Ethernet Adapter to tie my printer into my network. The printer only has a USB Type B interface. I used a gender changer to adapt to the Ethernet Adapter. I have no power or LAN light. Will this adapter work for my needs?

Hi James,

Thanks for posting your question here! Unfortunately this adapter will not work for your setup. Here is more information on why-:

All our USB Network Adapters need to be connected to an upstream host computer system to work. It adds another ethernet interface to your PC/laptop, via USB. It cannot be used to add an Ethernet port to a printer.

The most common usage is for people who want to add an additional network interface to their computer/laptop via a simple USB adapter.

As with all typical USB devices, the Plugable USB Network Adapters only work when it is connected to an upstream computer host. The installation of drivers and configuring of network settings for this device is done on the host. Without any network settings, no connectivity is possible between the LAN Adapter and the connected router.

While connecting devices through USB, the upstream host system always have the USB A port while the downstream device always has a USB B port. In USB power is only supposed to flow from the upstream host (USB A port) to the downstream device (USB B port).

The Plugable USB 2.0 Ethernet Adapter USB2-E100 is a bus powered USB device. It takes power from the upstream USB A port to power up. When you plug it into a USB B port through a gender changer, the USB B port on the printer cannot provide any power (power flowing from the B port to an upstream host is against the USB specification).

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