USB ports not working

USB-ports suddenly not working anymore. No connection via USB is possible through USB3900 docking station. Tried do reinstall drivers, still not working. Any suggestions?


Thanks for reaching out to us, I’d be more than happy to assist you with your Plugable UD-3900 docking station. In order to figure out exactly what is going on, we’ll want to get a bit of additional information.

First, are the other devices on the dock like the HDMI/DVI ports and Ethernet working properly?

Second, what devices are you using on the UD-3900 that are not working and have all the USB ports stopped working or is it just some?

Third, it would be helpful to get the logs produced by our tool Plugdebug. SImply go to this site, follow the prompts there, and send us the resulting .zip file to


Plugable Technologies

Hi Stephen,

thanks in advance for your assistance!

At this point, an USB-wireless optical mouse and keyboard (2-in-1) as well as an external drive are attached to the USB ports. I’ve tried all of them (the four on the back and the two on the front), but nothing is working.
I have to check if HDMI is working properly, but during reinstallation some problems with the Ethernet driver occured. The DVI port works just fine.
I will send you the logs as soon as I’m home. Could be tomorrow.

Greetings from Aachen, Germany

Thanks again. After disconnecting the docking station from the power supply and reconnecting it while my laptop was not running, everything seems back to normal. If the problem reoccurs, I will contact you again.