USB ports do not reconnect

I have two UD_CAM docks and both have the same issue.

If i boot my laptop (Dell XPS 15 Windows 10) with the dock plugged in everything works fine.
Monitor via HDMI
Power delivery
USB ports all work (wireless MS keyboard dongle)

If I unplug the USB-C cable and then plug it back in, the power delivery comes back and the Monitor comes back but the USB ports no longer function.

They will only function when booted with the cable plugged in

I am fairly sure this is a new problem and fell like it is probably a windows driver or group policy thing from my company

Hi Peter,

Thanks for posting!

What you report is certainly unexpected and we’ll want to start by investigating further into your Dell XPS 15 laptop to see if there is any action we can take.

To do this, could you please keep the Plugable UD-CAM dock connected to the Dell laptop (while the USB ports on the dock are not working), then navigate to our PlugDebug tool ( and follow the instructions there?

This will create a ZIP file on your Desktop containing system logs and information. Please simply send this ZIP file to us directly at with a subject line of “Ticket #345529” so that we can match up this post to your direct inquiry.

We’ll be able to better assist from there.

Thank you for giving us a chance to help!

Plugable Technologies

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