USB plugable 2.0 Display Adapter Model UGA-2K-A ceased working after 2 months

My 2.0 Display adapter device on Windows 7 was working fine for over a month and suddenly ceased working. No green light on, no recognition as a device.

I uninstalled drivers, reinstalled mutliple times. Rebooted multiple times, unplugged both DVI and USB side multiple times. Anyone know how to get it going?

For the benefit of anyone who is interested in what happened, the unit failed and we sent out a replacement.

If anyone else is experiencing this issue shoot us an e-mail at and we’ll take care of you!


getting help from plugable is next to impossible

We can be contacted through this forum or directly at anytime. We reply and work to solve problems quickly.

Please let us know Plugable product you have and what trouble so we can help (if it’s unrelated to the UGA-2K-A issue that was previously solved on this thread, please feel free to email and start a new ticket).