USB mouse not working with UD-3900 (USB 3.0 Docking station)

I have 3 UD-3900 docking stations - the third one I just received from Amazon. All of the devices I hook up to it with the exception of 3 different wired and wireless USB mice do not work with it. They work with the other 2 UD-3900s just fine.
I have reset the device per another thread and even performed a firmware update. Still nothing.
A little help please?

Can anyone help with this issue?

Cannot believe that after a full business day, no one has addressed this issue.

Hi Scott, thanks for posting! I am very sorry that we had not responded sooner, we should have caught this post sooner.

From your description, it sounds like our docking station may be a faulty unit as the 2 other dock you have are working as expected. As you have reached out to our direct support email, as well, we have asked for order and shipping information in order to begin the replacement process.

Again, I apologize for our delayed response and thank you very much for your patience!

David W.
Plugable Technologies

Thanks for the reply. I have responded to you with the information you have requested via email.