USB mouse not reconized

I have a plugable DC-125 that does not reconize a usb mouse on multipoint server 2011. I have four other DC125 units that work fine on the computer

Hi - Thanks for posting! Sorry the setup is having a problem here.

Let’s try to figure out what’s different about that one DC-125 (or the mouse attached to it).

Quick question:

If you swap this main DC-125 unit with another (so they’ve now swapped which devices and cables connected to them), does the problem follow this particular DC-125, or stay with this position in your setup?

Thanks for doing this test & letting us know. And thanks for your patience while we try to help figure this out!


The problem follows the DC-125. The issues seems to be that top usb port doesn’t work correctly. Whatever device I plug into the top port does not work

Thanks for isolating that down. Very sorry you got a bad unit!

Please just email your Amazon order # to and we’ll get you a replacement right away, along with a prepaid return label for the bad unit, for us to try to understand what went wrong.

Again, my apologies and thanks for your patience while this replacement unit makes its way to you!