USB interface not listed but is in the wrong place in system description - MAC & PL-2303

Installed PL-2303 driver for MAC OS 10.10.5 . The TTY driver is under the /dev directory but under system hardware, the controller D driver is above HUB title and not grouped with the bluetooth driver like in the installation doc. The term software can only find the bluetooth interface. How do I move this down into the proper title or grouping? Thanks!](

It should not matter where the “USB-Serial Controller D” appears in the Hardware -> USB section of System (or System Profiler). You can move it by connecting it to different USB ports.

If the device exists, and the term software can’t find it, then it’s a problem with the term software. What is the term software you are trying to use? Have you tried other software? Did you try the CoolTerm program from as mentioned in the PL2303 Mac OS X Driver v1.6.1 Installation Guide.pdf ?

Does the /dev directory have a tty.usbserial ?
Does the /dev directory have a cu.usbserial ?

I contacted the user directly in order to ask him to send some system information from his computer, and after plugging the cable back in again to gather it, the system file information had returned to normal and the adapter was working properly. So it appears that it was a temporary system glitch.

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