USB Hub Puffed Smoke

Model USB#-HUB7-81X (SN: 1090002307954) purchased on Oct 18 2013 billowed smoke on Jan 8 2014. Does it have any kind of warranty? Used it on a new iMac.

Hi David - Sorry for the scare and frustration. We’ll be able to help.

The most common cause we see for this is when a mismatched 12V power supply is plugged into the hub (which takes 5V input). Could check the output voltage of the power supply and let us know what that was? Or just snap a photo of the label and send?

Either way, we’re happy to replace the unit immediately (we’ll send out Monday via USPS Priority), and get the old one back later via a pre-paid label.

We have your serial number. Could you also email your Amazon order # from email to, and let us know if the address on that order is still the best to send the replacement to?

Thanks for letting us know that, and about the power supply. Again, our apologies!


I just experienced this problem this morning. Fried the hub and my keyboard too. Very disconcerting. Yes, I had the wrong power adaptor – a 12 volt (just moved my office) which is extremely easy to do.

Hi Scott,

I just replied to your other thread here:…

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