USB HUB (powered) for connecting multiple Hard Drives

Hi Guys,
I am looking for guidance.
I need to buy a USB HUB (powered) which allows me to connect multiple Hard Drives and connect to Laptop or Desktop.

Can anybody suggest me with a suitable product.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Etta,

Thanks for contacting Plugable! This is Jordan, I sent you an email earlier but I will share that response here as well just in case.

External hard drives require a lot of power, so we strongly recommend our most powerful USB hub, the USB3-HUB7BC:…

However, even this hub can be overwhelmed if the combined power draw of the attached hard drives reaches more than 60W (12V, 5A). Best practice would be to connect each external USB hard drive directly to a USB port on the host computer, without any hub in between, to guarantee best performance.

Hope this helps! Email us at with any questions.

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