USB hub plus 8 HDD plus 2 SSD on Mac OS X disconnects randomly.


Hi, I am looking for a USB 3 hub to be able to plug in two Mediasonic 4 bay enclosures with a total of 8 3.5 HDD. Each enclosure has it’s power supply and each enclosure has one USB 3 cable coming out of it. I am using it on a MacBook Pro Retina using the latest Mac OS X. My current problem with an Anker 36W USB hub is that when I turn both enclosures on, one of them gets ejected automatically. Additionally, I have two Samsung Evo SSD’s connected to the USB hub but those never get disconnected. It’s only the Mediasonic enclosure when both are turned on. I’m assuming the Anker is not providing enough power. Do you know if your USB hub would be able to work for me or would I probably suffer from the same type of disconnections?
Thanks and I’m providing the amazon link below of the product in question.…