usb hub model HUB7BC and raspberry pi

im using the raspberry pi for arcade gaming i have a generic joystick and buttons connecting through usb. I bought this powered hub to plug in the two joysticks and keyboard and other things like audio speakers and additional controllers. Im new to raspberry pi and retro pie…is there anything i have to configure in raspberry pi or retro pie because nothing i connect to the hub works. thanx in advance

Hello Joshua,

Thanks for contacting us! We’re sorry that your Raspberry Pi isn’t working with your USB hub as expected. I’m happy to help.

Can you please confirm how your Raspberry Pi is receiving power? Is it using a separate AC adapter or are you trying to power it through the hub?

I know you’re not using the same USB hub model as the one pictured, but if you prefer to power your Pi through the hub, the attached image can be used as a guideline for that.

Also (if you haven’t already) please try completing a full reset of the hub by following the below steps to see if that corrects the behavior.

a) Fully unplug the hub from all devices, power, and the USB cable to the host computer.

b) Reconnect the power cable first, the USB host cable next, and the USB devices last.

If that does not resolve the issue, please let us know. We’re happy to assist you further.

Thank You,

Plugable Technologies


i tried this solution and still nothing. I tried with the pi powered by the hub and powered by an outside power source same outcome nothing works. The hub does power the pi with no problem

Thanks for trying to troubleshoot this with us, Joshua.

Do you have any other computers available aside from your Pi that we can use to test the hub?

We want to see if it’s able to function normally with other PCs or if it’s demonstrating similar behavior with any computer connected to it.

If it behaves similarly no matter what it’s connected to, we’ll want to look into sending you a pretested warranty replacement from our lab.


Plugable Technologies

Just checked it on my laptop and it is does not work either

i purchased it on amazon should i take the steps to return it?

Hello again Joshua,

Per the private emails we’ve been exchanging with you, we’ve arranged for a pretested warranty replacement hub to be sent to you from our lab.

It should be delivered to you in the next couple of days. Please let us know when you receive it, and update us once you have had a chance to try it out.


Plugable Technologies