USB Hub issues with Computer Sleeping

Recently purchased this product:… [Amazon order# 110-6124233-3971418]

The issues I’m having is that once I wake up the computer (via Keyboard or
Power Button), the hub is completely unresponsive. I’ve had mixed results
with getting it back to work, as well. Sometimes trying a new USB 3.0 port
on the computer works-- sometimes not. Same with USB 2.0 ports. Power
cycling the hub is practically useless. Occasionally swapping to a different USB
port on the hub seems to get it to work with no differences between ports
1-4 & 5-7.

I have an older USB 2.0 hub that never saw any issues like this.

A workaround I’ve found is that plugging the hub into USB 3.0 headers on the front of the computer seem to be producing expected behavior with waking up and no issues (so far). I thought it was strange, as its usually the other way around but I’d still like to get it plugged into the back if possible.

-Firmware is 9081, not sure if there’s something newer.
-The PSU for the hub is always powered on with a green light.
-Motherboard is P8Z68-V Pro w/ ASMedia XHCI Controller for USB 3.0 (version @ 12/16/2013).
-Devices connected to hub are:
–Thermaltake eSports Meka G-Unit KB-MGU006US [Slot 1]
–Razer Mambo Mouse [Slot 2]
–Logitech G430 Headset [Slot 7]

I sent an email with the logs from the debug script yesterday.


In case anyone was curious, Jeff helped me through this.

It ended up working after a BIOS update to the motherboard (to version 3603)