USB Freeze

I have a usb2-switch2 and after so many switches between 2 pc’s. PC #2 its usb locks up and does not respond any ideas on how to correct? I have to restart PC #2 to get it working again. Both machines are running Windows 7.

Hi Joey-

Thanks for posting and sorry to hear about the issues with your computer freezing, I’m happy to help. Is this something you’ve seen repeatedly or the first time you’ve had the issue?

The switch is designed function exactly the same as physically unplugging and the USB cable from system A and moving it to system B. As a first troubleshooting step let’s try simply switching the A/B connections from PC a to B and vice versa, and see if the same system keeps having the problem.

Another good quick test is to simply try different USB ports on the computer that’s freezing.

Please do let me know if that helps or if you’ve any other questions.

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Jeff Everett
MCITP Enterprise Support Tech
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ok I switched a and b same system is freezing. one thing i did forget to mention is that my Logitech wireless mouse is plugged into my Zboard (removable keys and its own software to know there difference between key sets & multimedia functionality) it has a built in usb 2 port hub now i also have a Wacom tablet plugged directly into said system that usb freezes it still responds after the freeze. also i noticed the NUM light on the keyboard blinks upon switching. When the freeze occurs it does not come back on the system the freezing does not happen on there is no Zboard software installed.

Hi Joey,

Thanks for all the troubleshooting and for the additional details. Please send over your Amazon Order Id to and we’ll get you fixed up.


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ok well it’s not your guys fault your product is awesome! It is my Zboard and its software its a know issue with there keyboards. There keyboards don’t like kvm’s and switching devices. Thank you guys for all of your help. You guys rock!

Thanks for the kind words Joey, and for taking the time to do the troubleshooting and background research and letting us know your results.

Happy Holidays!

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