usb flash drive switching

I try to use/share 1 USB flash drive for 2 PC by auto swapping, how can I find the solution. Now, that USB flash drive is plugged on HMI monitor and I have to take it out and plug in my PC to take any data from it. But I don’t want to remove it. So, I try to find the tool. Please advise.


Thank you for posting your question.

Our USB 2.0 Sharing Switch should work in your application. You can see the details about it here:…

It comes with a usb slot that you can plug your USB flash drive into, and two USB A to B cables that you connect to the two computers. Moving the switch will change the connection from one computer to the other. It’s important to make sure that you eject the device from one computer before switching to the other.

I hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any more questions.