USB Extension cable with Webcam


Will this product work with my Logitech C720h HD Webcam?…


Hi Thein,

We are sorry but we don’t recommend to use this Plugable USB 2.0 10 meter extension cable with any video cameras and webcams. Those types of device require precise timing (isoch devices) and may not work with this cable. Sorry about this.

Plugable Technologies


I just had a vendor send me a new system because I didn’t check this forum until now. Is it possible to use a couple of your non-active USB extension cables as I only need to go about 20’. Thanks


Hi Rob,

Normally we would recommend using less than 3 m USB cable for any USB 2.0 device, 1 m for USB 3.0 device for better signal quality. Still some USB 2.0 device, which does not require high power from the USB port (like a mouse and keyboard), may work fine even with 5m or 10m extension cables.

But the length is not the main point with particular types of digital products such as webcams and video recorders, because they are isoch devices. There is always a time-lag, that human being may not notice for most of the cases, with any USB connectivity. I guess even if it worked, the quality may not be acceptable with you.

Sorry about this but hope this helps!

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