USB Docking Station won't show streaming video on external monitor!


I am using a Plugable 2.0 docking station with a 5 year old Toshiba laptop running 32 bit Windows Vista. It has nVidia GeForce Go 7300 video. I am using a Samsung Syncmaster as an external monitor. The docking station works well except when I try to display streaming video on the external monitor. I tried upgrading the nVidia drivers, but the machine is too old for the latest version. I did upgrade to the December version of the Display Link driver. With the older nVidia drivers would it be better to go back to an earlier version of Display Link. The docking unit works fine including streaming with my newer laptop with Windows 7.


Hi Roger - Thanks for posting! Sorry the older laptop is having trouble - we’ll see if we can get motion video going on it.

First thing to try when video isn’t playing on Vista or Win 7 is to check whether Windows Aero is disabled (Aero is essential for certain video/3D features to work). Can you run the Vista Aero troubleshooter and see if that identifies/fixes any problems and helps?…

Just let us know. We’ll figure out next steps. Thanks for your patience!


I’d not noticed that the Windows Aero was disabled. To be very honest I didn’t even know what Aero was. In any case my Vista machine now looks more like my Windows 7 machine and video is streaming to the Syncmaster from both of them.

Thanks for the help.


Hi Roger - Glad to have you up and running!