USB Docking Station not appearing on Vista

I have the USB 3.0 Plugable Docking Station. I don’t have USB 3.0 on my laptop, so I’m using 2.0. I plugged in the power, inserted a brand new hard drive, using USB 2.0 cable, and nothing is appearing in my computer. I have plugged numbers USB flash drives with no problem, but I see nothing for this docking station.

The green light flashes a little when it first boots up, and I can hear the drive spin up. Soon I have a solid green light, but nothing on my computer. I can’t see any new hard drive or external device attached.

Any ideas?

Hi JB - Thanks for posting! We’ll get the drive running.

When you have a new drive that is unformatted, Windows won’t have assigned it a drive letter yet.

So quick first steps:

  1. Go to Windows start button (lower left corner of desktop) -> “Search programs and files” -> enter “disk management” -> you should see a choice for “Create and format hard disk partitions”, select that.


And find the drive, right click, and make sure it’s formatted and assigned a drive letter. Once that’s done you should see the drive normally as a Windows folder.

Can you try that out, and let us know if you’re all good or if there’s a problem at any step in the process?

Thanks again!

Quick note: Above steps on are Windows 7, sorry! Vista will be similar but not identical.…

Great. It worked. It was formatting a new drive. Thanks so much. Really appreciate the weekend support!

Glad we could get you up and running. Thanks for the kind words!