USB Docking station causing wireless problems

I have a USB 3.0 Docking station on windows 10 laptop. When I plug in a usb disk drive, my wireless connection loses internet, drops the network, won’t connect automatically at random. My internet speeds drop from 20 down to 2 down when it does work. When I unplug the drive, problems go away. I have had laptop, drives and docking station for >2 years. This just started.

Hello Jeffrey,

Thanks for the post! I’m sorry your docking station isn’t working as expected, but I’m happy to help.

Based on your description of the behavior, our first step is to get more information from your system. To do so please email us ( the output of our diagnostic utility PlugDebug ( which will help us determine the next steps.

If you could mention “Ticket #182063” in the subject line it would be most helpful.

In addition to that, are you plugging your disk drive into the USB ports in the front or the back of the dock when the issue occurs?

Thank you!