USB Dock charging DELL Venue 8 Pro?

Is a USB Hub for a DELL Venue 8 Pro available which charge the tablet?
So I can use USB devices (special sound card + ethernet adapter) in continues mode?

Hi Hans - No, unfortunately, no such product is available today. USB OTG doesn’t allow charging normally. And even an OTG Y cable (which is a workaround to charge some OTG devices) will not work on the Dell Venue 8 Pro.

So for now, you must disconnect the Venue 8 Pro from all its USB devices and connect to a dedicated charger, to charge.

Sorry for the bad news, but hope that helps. Thanks for asking!

Thank you for the quick response. So I have to search an other tablet or possible modify a hub:…

How about supporting USB charging spec 1.2 and making your dock a USB Accessory Charger Adapter? Hope Dell Venue Pro can recognize it as such. Can’t imagine they didn’t think about it.

Bernie I gave my hubby the dell venue Pro 8 yesterday fro Christmas. We charged it up to 90% and spent all day setting up apps etc. Decide to charge it up again before bed and the charge light does not come on. Tried various power outlets no good. Using the non-proprietary micro USB and cable which came with it from Amazon. One forum a lot of people having same issue - charges at first then after a day or two fails to charge - white charge light not on. Someone said they fixed by doing all dell recommended updates from MyDell app - including Bios update. Tried that - same problem. I will say the micro-USB does not fit well into the port although it did work at first. Not sure if this is a hardware or software issue but I am now down to 30% on the Venue and soon won’t be able to try anything to fix so will have to return. Very disappointing - especially as I see quite a few people with the same problem out there. Nothing on Dell website acknowledging problem and suggesting fix as far as I can see.

Hi Marie - Thanks so much for the report! Out of the two Dell Venues we have here, we’ve also seen this happen on one of them. We’re not sure what’s going on, but we have noticed that the Venue is triggering off some very specific signals to decide whether or not to charge (on the USB data lines and the USB sense line). So if any of that signaling is off, it won’t choose to charge. I’m not sure how that could cause behavior to deteriorate over time (capacitor degrading?), but there’s some evidence it’s happening.

I think you’re doing the right thing – contact Dell to see if they have any additional info, and return or replace.

And we’ll definitely post back if we learn anything. Sorry for the frustration, but thanks again for posting about it so other people with Venues can know what other people are seeing!

Unfortunately, as far as we can tell, the Venue 8 Pro does not support the USB Battery Charging Spec (1.1 or 1.2). It will charge at full rate (~1.7A) on ports that put the Apple 1A singaling on the USB data lines. But won’t charge at all on ports that have the Apple 2.1A signal. Different behavior than we’ve seen from nearly any other device.

I don’t know if it is, but I hope Dell is able to modify this behavior from BIOS – as that would hold out the chance for improved behavior over time. But it seems like that is unlikely.

Thanks Bernie. I posted similar comment on Amazon (where I purchased) and got a reply that updating the Bios had worked for that person - as it seems to have for others - but not for me! That’s interesting you have the means to detect signaling issues.

V8P connects to the male micro-USB on the cable with the switch. Then the male USB on the cable
with the switch connects to the female USB of the Y-cable. The regular charging cable male micro-
USB connects to the female micro-USB on the Y-cable. That leaves a single male micro-USB left to
plug into another device such as a phone, etc.

You start by plugging in the V8P with the switch set to the charge position and then switch it to the
data once it starts charging, and then plug your device in. You may need some adapters to plug
other USB devices in though, to convert the male micro-USB into something more usable.


Hans does this work? Or is this just a conceptual idea?

Did anyone try it? Thanks.

yes. this is works. but in usb mode the device consumes power from battery and if battery is low you must switch to charger mode. thus unfortunately all usb device stopped working!

We have an all-in-one option available that may work better. Our solution actively charges the tablet while allowing the use of external USB devices:

Can you recharge Dell Venue 8 Pro using Plugable UD Pro 8 while being connected to Ethernet(instead of external USB device)? Thanks.

Yes! The UD-PRO8 supports charging while using the wired Ethernet on the dock. This will work with the Dell Venue 8 Pro. Thanks for asking!