Usb display adapter with ubuntu 12.04 and 12.10 beta

I am not expert in Linux, but I have two computers (a desktop and a laptop) working with ubuntu. I want to connect a second monitor using a usb-hdmi adapter (with chipset dl-165) and I don’t know how to configure it.

The desktop computer is working with ubuntu 12.04 and the laptop has ubuntu 12.10 beta 2. In ubuntu 12.04 I see a green screen in the second monitor but in ubuntu 12.10 I see a black screen.

I have searched very much by the web, but I didn’t find any solution that works for me.


Hi Alberto,

Unfortunately, while there is an open source framebuffer driver in the Linux kernel for DisplayLink USB 2.0 chips (which is used by Plugable’s USB 2.0 products like the UGA-165 DC-125 and UD-160-M ), configuring them for anything other than single display use is very complicated, and often there are combinations of versions of open source components and hardware that just can’t work (Linux’s graphics subsystems have been in almost constant flux in recent years). We can’t recommend it for any but the most advanced users.

If you did just want to run single monitor on USB (not using your main GPU), then our post here is a good start:…

Sorry for the bad news. Hope that helps. Thanks!