USB devices not recognized

I have two UD-3900 docking stations in different places that I use with a Dell Vostro 5568 running Windows 10 running Windows 10 Pro v 21H2 last updated by KB5012117 on 4/13/2022.

The machine has worked without issue on both docking stations for more than 12 months. Recently it ceased to recognize USB equipment in any USB connections in either docking station. The effect was immediately obvious as both have wireless keyboard / mouse that has been the default for a long time. Scanners and other items plugged into docking station all lost connection. All USB items work when plugged into PC directly. Display and network connection thru the stations seem unaffected.

Displaylink Manager shows Application v Driver V 10.2.6943.0. Any ideas?

Hello Nigel,

Thank you for contacting Plugable! I’m sorry to hear that your UD-3900 docking stations are no longer working as expected, and I will be happy to assist you with this.

I am currently reviewing the details in the direct contact to our email, and will be reaching out to you there.

Plugable Technologies

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