USB Device Not Recognized

Ive been using my Plugable UD-3900 on my Surface Pro 3 for several months without issue. Suddenly yesterday my mouse and keyboard that were plugged into the device stopped working. My two monitors continued to display video.

I unplugged the USB cable and the device for 30 seconds and when I reconnected it, I got a “USB Device Not Recognized” error. The keyboard and mouse were still not functional, and both monitors continued to display video.

I unplugged the usb cable and device again, reinstalled the device drivers, rebooted, and reconnected the device, but it still showed “USB Device Not Recognized”.

Finally i unplugged the mouse and keyboard from the UD-3900, unplugged the power and usb cable for 30 seconds and reattached both the power and USB cable. The message “USB Device Not recognized” was displayed.

Currently the device is not attached to my machine. I currently have a USB mouse attached and the USB port on my machine is working as expected.

Hi Tommy,

Thanks for posting here! Just shoot us an email at with your amazon order ID along with a link to this thread and we will take care of the issue.